Registered NDIS provider - Mental Health - Melbourne and bendigo

Registered NDIS provider - Mental Health - Melbourne and bendigo

Registered NDIS provider - Mental Health - Melbourne and bendigoRegistered NDIS provider - Mental Health - Melbourne and bendigo

Our Services

NDIS Support Coordination


 Glady and Co are able to provide support coordination for NDIS participants with mental health difficulties and psychosocial disabilities.

A support coordinator:

- Explains your NDIS plan and how it all works

- Gives you information about services and makes contact with them

- Ensures that your services are providing what you want and need

- Lets your services know if there are problems and resolves conflicts

- Provides regular reports to the NDIA about your services and what you need

- Listens to your choice of service and connects you with them

- Assists you to review your plan when needed

- Keeps track of your funding and ensures your budget is utilised in the best way

Recovery Hub


Glady and Co have opened up their Recovery Hub and Drop-in Centre at 28 Charles Street Mooroolbark VIC 3138.

Groups include:

  • Art Therapy
  • Lived Experience Group
  • Men's Group
  • Women's Group
  • Walking Group
  • Music
  • Community Garden Group
  • Photography
  • Social Groups

The Recovery Hub aims to be a community within the community, it is a safe and accepting space for people to be.

The Hub is air conditioned and has free tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

Glady and Co will always have fresh fruit available for group and drop-in participant

Support Staff


Our support staff help you become more independent and happy in your life. We provide mental health support that enables you to learn new things, maintain your independence and make choices.

Glady & Co provide:

- Experienced mental health support

- Peer support from lived experience mental health practitioners

- Assistance to attend appointments

- Support to develop coping strategies

- Support to build confidence and skills


Glady & Co focus on helping to build quality and enjoyment in your life.

How we support you is flexible and completely driven by your needs.

Complex Connection Support


There are always gaps in a new system and Glady and Co are working hard to fill these gaps in an innovative way.

Participants of NDIS are receiving limited funds for Support Coordination because there is a lack of awareness about the challenges that can sometimes arise in mental health recovery.

Glady and Co are developing a new way of providing Support Coordination with a team of highly experienced Mental Health Practitioners that work alongside a persons Support Coordinator to ensure that, regardless of funds available in that area, our participants receive the support and follow up they need.


All participants choosing to have their support coordination with Glady and Co will have a dedicated team available to them that liaises with their support coordinator and support team. This team provides direct support when support coordination funds are low, crisis situations arise or the person needs more intensive coordination of their services.