About Us

Who are we?


Glady has been working in the mental health sector for over 15 years. During this time she worked in residential, outreach and group services within non profit community organisations.

She also have lived experience of mental health issues, both as a carer and as someone who has experienced the many challenges of recovery.

Glady started Glady and Co because of the lack of support being provided through NDIS in the Eastern suburbs and the lack of mental health-specific services available that fully support staff who identify as having lived experience.

At Glady and Co we believe that having a strong community and safe space without stigma is the most important part of recovery. That awareness and full understanding comes from life experience and the ability to see the strength that comes from the recovery journey.

The Co

The Glady and Co team has developed and grown quickly since 2018. Glady and Co consist of dedicated and professional mental health workers and business support teams.

Our staff strongly identify with Glady and Co’s values working actively to reduce stigma by being open to the community and our participants about mental health issues.

Our teams embody empowerment, hope and strength.

Glady and Co staff work hard to create a community centred around mental health recovery support.

Vision for Glady and Co.

Glady and Co are creating support that people need to live full and happy lives. We understand that quality of life is the most important aspect of recovery and that each day brings a different set of challenges to our participants. We are fully consumer led, we listen to what our participants want and endeavor to create it.