Glady and Co

The INSPIRE Support Program.

Welcome to our INSPIRE Programs! Our programs are a mixture between respite, goal work, community building and a supported holiday. It allows people to socialise, participate in activities, attend events, work on life skills and build their capacity in a flexible and casual environment. The program feels like a holiday and that is what is so appealing, goal work that doesn’t feel like work! All of our programs are Neuro-affirming and inclusive of the LGBTQI+ community.

Each program consists of 3-6 nights away in high quality accommodation in beautiful areas around Victoria. All activities and expenses are included with no cost to the participant outside of their NDIS Plan.

Our INSPIRE programs are fully catered and take into consideration dietary needs. Each program is tailored specifically to the participants attending, choice and independence are priotities at Glady and Co.

What you get from INSPIRE

  • Experienced mental health support during your stay
  • All expenses paid in full including activities and accommodation
  • Welcome gift bag
  • Opportunity to be around others in a comfortable environment with freedom to be as social as you want to be
  • Fun, laughter and relaxation

What will you experience?

  • Supported independence
  • Shared community
  • Assistance in taking steps towards your goals
  • With the INSPIRE Support Program you can access:
  • A variety of day trips
  • Educational workshops
  • Intensive and enjoyable retreats

Additionally, you will have access to ongoing support from INSPIRE staff between programs to help maintain confidence and mental health between activities.

Capacity through action

The INSPIRE Support Program is funded through your NDIS Plan. The CORE budget in your plan can be used flexibly and this is the area that is charged when you attend any INSPIRE programs.

Please speak to your support coordinator or LAC/NDIA Planner to see if INSPIRE fits into your budget.

Glady & Co can provide you with information and a quote that can assist you in receiving funds in your plan for INSPIRE.