Glady and Co

NDIS Support Coordination

Glady and Co are able to provide support coordination for NDIS participants with mental health difficulties and psychosocial disabilities.

A support coordinator:

  • Explains your NDIS plan and how it all works
  • Gives you information about services and makes contact with them
  • Ensures that your services are providing what you want and need
  • Lets your services know if there are problems and resolves conflicts
  • Provides regular reports to the NDIA about your services and what you need
  • Listens to your choice of service and connects you with them
  • Assists you to review your plan when needed
  • Keeps track of your funding and ensures your budget is utilised in the best way

Connect with Glady & Co

We understand that quality of life is the most important aspect of recovery and that each day brings a different set of challenges to our participants.