Registered NDIS provider - Mental Health - Melbourne and CENTRAL VICTORIA

Registered NDIS provider - Mental Health - Melbourne and CENTRAL VICTORIARegistered NDIS provider - Mental Health - Melbourne and CENTRAL VICTORIA

Glady and Co Action Plan and Covid-19 Information


Message from Glady - 13/04/3030

Hello Glady and Co Community,

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all got through it OK and are staying healthy and well.


Glady and Co have begun their online group program and aside from a few glitches, everything has been going really well. So well that we are looking at continuing online groups after things return to 'normal'!

I think it will be nice to have a space for people to join in something social when they are not feeling up to getting out and about.

I have uploaded the Online Hub Calendar which you can download by clicking on the button below.

We have the following groups starting on 20/04/2020:

  • Cooking Group (ingredients delivered to your door)
  • Sensory Group
  • Covid-19 Wellness Group
  • Social Group
  • Pets Parade
  • Meditation Group
  • HeARTful Cards


MEALS - Glady and Co are partnering with a local cafe who have been impacted by Covid-19. Milk and Wine in Heathmont will be cooking delicious meals that Glady and Co will be delivering to participants soon! The meals will all come frozen with instructions and your support worker will ensure these get to you weekly.

More information will be provided as we solidify our plans, we are currently getting the ordering process prepared and menus confirmed. As soon as we have a start date for meal preparation and delivery we will let you all know.

Warm Regards,

Glady 🌻

Message from Glady - 28/03/3030

Hello Glady and Co Community,

In this current situation it is really important for everyone to keep their distance from each other as much as possible. There are ways that we can all stay connected and Glady and Co are working hard to create them and keep us a community.

Just and update on services for everyone:

Direct Support

  • Direct support will continue until the support worker or participant needs to self-isolate
  • A safety questionnaire will be completed prior to all direct support work to ascertain risk
  • If the support worker is unwell or needing to isolate, we will negotiate with the participant direct support from another worker or providing phone or internet support from their current support worker
  • Gloves, hand sanitiser and masks can be utilised when necessary
  • Emergency Relief Parcel – some basic food and sanitary items for participants that are struggling
  • Glady and Co staff will not attend appointments if unwell or after recent contact with anyone who is unwell

Hub Centres – group support

  • Will be closed from 30/03/2020 to 30/04/2020, we will be sending communication regularly regarding reopening
  • Online groups starting on 6/04/2020 (art, music, craft, peer support and mental health OT groups)
  • Our phone line 1300 866 474 will be monitored 9-5pm every weekday

Indirect Phone or Online Support

  • New ‘Isolation Care Package’ - includes daily contact, shopping and tailored care package delivery, as needed support (only actioned when quarantined or in self-isolation)
  • New ‘Online Group Package’ - $85 per group session plus start-up fee for materials, timetable to be sent out soon
  • New ‘On Call Support Package’ – prices to be advised (support worker on call over phone or online)
  • Normal support hours available over phone or online as required by participants
  • Regular SMS and email updates for participants, referrers and support staff

Support Coordination

  • Support Coordination will continue with indirect contact unless necessary
  • We are expanding our Support Coordination team to include North, North East, South, South East, Central Victoria, Inner and Outer East Melbourne

Warm Regards,

Glady 🌻

Message from Glady - 24/03/3030

Hello Glady and Co Community,

This is a long post so I apologise in advance!

With the growing concern of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Glady and Co have developed strategies that will enable us to continue to deliver support to people in their time of directed or self-isolation. Glady and Co recognise the danger of removing supports for our participants and we are doing everything in our power to avoid this.

Glady and Co are committed to continuing direct contact with participants until that person is required to isolate themselves or they are unwell. We will then provide indirect supports until that person is well again or advised that they can leave their home.

Over the coming weeks Glady and Co will be sending updates every second day via email and text to participants, we will be staying in touch regularly and you are welcome to SMS or email us back for further information.Some of the issues we face:

  • Vulnerable people with reduced supports
  • Participants finding it difficult to obtain medications and basic necessities
  • Participants and staff experiencing periods of time in isolation
  • Fear and anxiety of people who rely heavily on their supports

Glady and Co are aware that we cannot guarantee that participants and staff will not come into contact with Covid-19, we cannot guarantee 100% risk free services due to the nature of our work. But we will be doing the following to ensure that all staff are working as safely as possible and still providing services:

  • Following stringent hygiene practices that are recommended by the Department of Health
  • Compulsory self-isolation of staff who present with any cold or flu symptoms until cleared for work by a medical practitioner
  • Completion of set questions relating to risk prior to any shifts undertaken by staff
  • New cleaning regime at our Hub/drop in centres
  • Physical distancing within all services
  • Access to hand sanitiser, gloves and masks for all staff and participants

Glady and Co will be offering the following supports:

Development of an ‘Emergency Action Plan’ which allows for us to plan with our participants the supports they can access during this time and discuss their anxieties openly. Areas taken into consideration in Emergency Action Plans are:

  • Supports that might be needed by the participant during isolation
  • Concerns that they have and strategies address these
  • Tasks that Glady and Co support workers can complete indirectly
  • Options for assistance with errands and shopping during times of isolation

New ‘Isolation Care Package’ for all Hub participants (those that attend groups and drop in) which includes:

  • Daily support via phone, Skype or Zoom
  • Delivery of a weekly care package tailored to the participant’s needs
  • Access to internet based social gatherings and groups

Direct Support for participants who are not required to isolate utilising all safety measures as advised by the Department of Health and the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission:

  • Use of stringent hygiene practices
  • Compulsory medical contact/advice for staff that are unwell and reallocation of their shifts to other support workers if required
  • Access to safe measures of contact
  • Changes to current activities completed during shifts that take into account the safety measures advised by the Department of Health

Indirect support as planned through participants ‘Emergency Action Plan’ for as long as required, which might include:

  • Regular phone, Skype or Zoom contact with participants
  • Assistance with shopping, sourcing medication and completing errands
  • Regular contact with the participant’s care teams, family and carers
  • Support for the ‘household’
  • Access to join our online community or join internet based groups and social gatherings

Support Coordination

The Support Coordination team will continue to provide their services, Glady and Co have put into action the ability for this team to work from home and in a mobile capacity. We are currently taking referrals and are completing service agreements digitally and via email consent when necessary.

Our Participants

The strategies that we are implementing are based on feedback from our participants and we will continue to balance the needs of our Glady and Co community and the recommendations made by governing bodies. Although we need to make decisions quickly in these difficult times we are continuing to look towards the needs of our participants and make decisions that create positivity and hope while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

NDIA and Prices

NDIA are reviewing changes to be made regarding cancellations and price increases in the price guide. Glady and Co adhering to any changes the NDIA makes in relation to price limits.

The ‘Isolation Care Package’ is a separate cost and only comes into effect when participants are in isolation, service agreements will revert back to their original state when the participant is able to return to their normal services.

Where to now?

Glady and Co are here for you during this time, we will be flexible and creative in the way in which we support you and your family. The key is to stay in communication with us and let us know when you need some support, we will be changing what we offer to suit individual needs and although we have to align with Government directions we will make use of every moment of direct support in the most positive and helpful way we can.

Please be advised that the Hub programs will be closed from 30/03/2020 – 30/04/2020 due to recommendations from State Government, we will update you all when they are open again. We will be contacting each of you individually to talk about a plan while the Hub is closed and will be looking into providing a smaller group program online.

Warm Regards,

Glady 🌻 

Message from Glady - 19/03/2020

Hello Glady and Co Community,

Glady and Co have developed a plan of action around the impact that Covid-19 could have on our participants, staff and community.

This plan is already being followed.

Although we are hoping that this response will not be necessary, we have developed this plan to utilise if needed.
We work with very vulnerable people who will potentially be impacted more than the general population due to being unable to attend the shops easily, shortage of support workers, having reduced immune systems and having their informal supports reduced by quarantines. We will ensure that Glady and Co are continuing to support our participants by finding new ways to do so which will include:

  • Providing care packages for those in urgent need of basic necessities. We are hoping to provide toilet paper, long life milk and other items - your support worker will be able to tell you more.
  • Creating your own emergency action plan for times you might be unwell or your support worker is unavailable.
  • Finding ways for you to attend groups from the comfort of your own home when needed.
  • Providing support workers to those that cannot attend group programs.
  • Helping our participants to access supports remotely through phone and internet if they prefer or are forced to isolate.

We will continue to run our Hubs with all safety measures supplied. Participants will have access to:

  • Hand washing and risk reduction information.
  • Support workers using recommended hygiene regime. 

It is vitally important that Glady and Co continue to support our participants as safely as possible for as long as possible, and that we are proactively ensuring that everyone receives timely information. All staff will:

  • Not attend shifts if unwell.
  • Take all safety measures to protect our participants.
  • Notify participants in a timely manner if they are unable to attend support shifts.

Over the coming weeks Glady and Co will be:

  • Providing updates on our website and Facebook page.
  • Meeting with all our staff to provide them with information and clear instructions.
  • Developing plans with all participants to support them if they are unwell or impacted by the virus.

I know that people are feeling anxious and concerned but we will get through this difficulty together and keep our Glady and Co community strong. This is not the time to reduce support, it is the very definition of when it's needed the most.

Below I have added some links to information that is updated daily from the Department of Health. If you are unsure about what to do next, concerned about your health and your ability to provide basic necessities for yourself or family please call us and we will make every attempt to support you.

Kind regards,

Glady 🌻